2020 Conference

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UFVA Virtual Conference

July 27 – 30, 2020

Program Released: June 15

Live Sessions

The overall online conference experience will be like our face-to-face events, with all sessions having a live component. Your session will operate like any other UFVA session, with a moderator from the panel who will facilitate each person to present their paper, script, or film, as in a face-to-face event. We believe this will allow for optimal engagement and participation.


There will be opportunities for informal chats with other attendees, who will be able to reach out to you via the conference site. You can then set up informal meet-up sessions while at the conference. You can even create and print your own agenda based on your presentation and interests.


Vendors will have a virtual booth area where you can visit and schedule individual chat times. These can be arranged at mutually convenient times. Institutional members will have an opportunity to highlight their programs on the conference site, as well. This will allow them to link to a program or admissions page for their institution. For more information on vendor/institutional opportunities, please contact Mark Von Schlemmer at vonSchlemmer@ucmo.edu.


Caucus meetings, cocktail parties, membership meeting and awards!

Conference Fees

The Virtual Conference is FREE for UFVA members. Non-member fee is $30.


Contact the UFVA Conference VP: Wenhwa Ts’ao


Submissions for films/scripts are closed


Submissions for papers/panels are closed

New Media

Submissions for new media are closed


Submissions for workshops are closed


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