Submission Deadline: May 15, 2021

UFVA has revised last year’s policy to allow members to submit to an additional category. This year members may submit to more than one event or content area. This change is based on member requests and our desire to expand submissions in an unusual year.

Workshop Announcement and Juried Criteria 

UFVA Workshops are special 90-minute sessions designed to share original and innovative thinking in teaching media production, screenwriting, history and critical analysis.

The Conference Workshop Selection Committee welcomes submissions from all members: Student, Active, Life, Institutional and Sustaining.

There is a limited number of workshop slots available.

The Committee will rank according to the following criteria:

  • Originality and innovation in teaching approach.
  • Usefulness of information.
  • Potential for audience participation.
  • Interactivity of format.
  • Potential take-aways from the workshop including handouts, website, etc.
  • If workshop has been presented in the past three years, please explain new perspectives and outcomes to be incorporated.

UFVA encourages diversity and the submission of multicultural and interdisciplinary work.

Diversity dimensions include (but are not limited to) gender, career stage, ethnicity, race, education, sexual orientation, region/geographic location, physical disability, and religion. Additional information can be found in the UFVA Statement of Inclusivity.


Workshop Chair: Suzanne Regan

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