2023 Carole Fielding Student Grant Awardees

Always Running (documentary short) by Susana Barrón, Stanford University

Desync (narrative short) by Chen Sing Yap, Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Syndromes of a Century (narrative short) by Sonia Gonzalez, UCLA

Untitled Miami Project (documentary short) by Enrique Pedraza Botero, Stanford University

When you arrive (new media) by Kat Navarro, Towson University

2022 Carole Fielding Student Grant Awardees

Color Him Sun by Chandler Crump, New York University

Future Flowers by Hao Zhou, University of Iowa

Mom and Me by Indira Somani, UCLA

2021 Carole Fielding Student Grant Awardees

Astronomical Units (narrative short) by Elizabeth Ashby, Columbia College

Common Grounds (animated short) by Gina Bernardini, University of Tampa

Footprints in the Sky (documentary short) by Octavio Daniel Rodriguez Juarez, SIU Carbondale.

Exposing White Supremacy: 21st Century Black Film Wave as a Cinema of Justice (research project) by Abimbola Iyun, SIU Carbondale.

2020 Carole Fielding Student Grant Awardees

Memory Machine (documentary short) by Elana Meyers, Northwestern University

Object of Affection (narrative short) by Marygrace Navarra, Temple University

Reframing Mother (documentary short) by Ashleigh McArthur, Stanford University

San Francisco of the South (documentary short) by Victoria De Leone, Wake Forest University

2019 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Memory Machine” (documentary short), Elana Meyers, Northwestern University

“Object of Affection” (narrative short), Marygrace Navarra, Temple University

“Reframing Mother” (documentary short), Ashleigh McArthur, Stanford University

“San Francisco of the South” (documentary short), Victoria De Leone, Wake Forest University

2018 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“We Eat” (animated short), Maliheh Rahrovan, Rochester Institute of Technology

“Memory Lane” (narrative short), Luis Gutierrez, New Mexico State University

“On the Move” (documentary short), Milton Guillen, Northwestern University

“The Missfits” (documentary short), Ellie Wen, Stanford University

2017 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Transient Structures” by Kai Blakeley, Northwestern University

“Coyote Midwives” by Ellen Esling, Southern Illinois University

“Jack and Anna” by Ksenia Ivanova, Columbia College, Chicago

2016 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Hit Me Up” by Michelle Martinez, Montclair State University

“The Woman who is in love with seashells and other stories” by Olivia Booker, Stanford University

“Mama” by Tancredi Di Paola, Loyola Marymount University

“My Picture, My Darling, My Friend” by Tanju Ozdemir, Emerson University

“You and I, Friend” by Dane Jeremy Christensen, Stanford University  

2015 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Soul City” by SheRea Delsol, Wake Forest

“Looking for Trouble” by Caroline Cuny, Wake Forest

“The Assassin and Mrs. Paine” by Max Good, Stanford

“My Aleppo” by Melissa Langer, Stanford,

2015 Best Student Documentary Award Winner, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

“Bisonhead” by Elizabeth Lo, Stanford

2014 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“White Earth” (Documentary) by Christian Jensen, Stanford

Silver Winner, Student Academy Award, Documentary Category
Jury Award, Best Short Film, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Special Jury Award, Best Cinematography/Doc Short, Slamdance Film Festival
Festival Award, Documentary Short, Heartland Film Festival
Jury Award, Documentary Short, New Orleans Film Festival
Jury Award, Non-Fiction Short, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Jury Award, Best Cinematography, Fargo Film Festival
Directing Award, Documentary Short, Doc Utah

2013 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Wandering Rabbi” (Documentary) by Henry Weiner, Stanford

“Build Operate Transfer” (Experimental) by Meredith Lackey, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Unmappable” (Documentary) by Diane Hodson & Jasmine Luoma, Wake Forest University

Programmer’s Award for Artistic Vision, New Orleans Film Festival; Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Short, 2015 Florida Film Festival; 2015 Oak Cliff Film Festival; 2015 Victoria TX Independent Film Festival; Young Grit Award, 2015 Indie Grits Film Festival

2012 Carole Fielding Grant Awardee

“Paper Lotus”, (Narrative) by Kai-Ting Tiffany Wu, University of Southern California

“A Shadow Is Never Still”, (Documentary) by Tijana Petrovic, Stanford University, 

“A Day In The Life Of Ayesha” (Fiction) by Ambarien Alqadar, Temple University

“The Words And The Margins”, (Documentary) by Sara Mott, Stanford University

2011 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Punishment” by Puja Maewal, UCLA

“Fight Church” (Documentary) by John Rory Frazier, Stanford

“Moon Rock” (Experimental) by Debra Sea

2010 Carole Fielding Grant Winners

“Campania in-Felix/Unhappy Country” (Documentary) by Ivana Corsale, University of North Texas,

“The Mischievous Case of Cordelia Botkin” (Narrative) by Catherine Youell, University of Southern California

“Lighter and Lighter” (Media Installation) by Amanda Long, Carnegie Mellon

“Building Libertopia” (Documentary) by Jason Sussberg, Stanford

“The Art of Jihad” (Documentary) by Alaa Eldin El Dajani, Stanford

2009 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Danza Del Viejo Migrante” (Documentary) by Charlene Music, Stanford

“11 weeks” (Narrative) by Dipesh Jain, University of Southern California

“Flood” (Experimental) by Todd Chandler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Hometown Band Director: The Life of Dee Palmer” (Documentary) by Andrew McComick, Northern Illinois University
Direct Cinema Award for documentary

2007 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“The Line” (Narrative) by Robert Kent Bassett, Chapman,

“Sisters Brothers and Brothers Sisters: Two Spirits” (Documentary) by Ruth Fertig, University of Texas Austin

“Pachito’s Duncan” (Documentary) by Lucia Duncan,  University of Texas Austin

2006 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Fool’s Gold” (Narrative) by Olivia Silver,  UCLA

“Feather’s & Coins” (Documentary) by Ashley Tindall, Stanford

2005 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Mississippi Chicken” (Documentary) by John Fiege, University of Texas at Austin

“51st State” (Narrative) by Vincete Gonzalez, University of North Carolina Greensboro

2004 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Punjabi Cab” (Documentary) by Liam Dalzell,  Stanford

“Purify” (Documentary) Marisa Pearl, Stanford

“Interwoven” (Experimental) by Melanie Hibbert University of South Florida

2003 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Between Joining the Messiah and Earning Him” (Documentary) Hilda Midalia, Southern Illinois University

“Eat Rice” (Narrative) by Angela How, UCLA

“Now Hear This” (Experimental) Cara Blake, Concordia

“The Anniversary” (Narrative) by Ham Tran, UCLA

2002 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Crossing the Line at the School of Assassins” by Renee N. Fischer, Stanford

” Representations of the Culture Revolution in Chinese Film” by Ming-May Chin, University of Mississippi

“Mines are an Invisible Killer” by David Pavlinic, University of Zagreb

2000 Carole Fielding Grant Awardees

“Sisters in Cinema” by Yvonne Welbon,  Northwestern University