I am chairing the committee that is updating the UFVA Guidelines for Review, Tenure and Promotion.  I have been working on this for about 3 years and we’re SOOOOO close to being done with the draft to present to the UFVA Executive Board and Caucus chairs.

The ONE area where I could use some support and assistance is New Media.  I have a draft, but need 1-2 experienced artist/scholars in this AREA to review and add to what I have already written. Please consider contacting me to review this portion of the document.  I can send you a draft as soon as I hear from you.  Please contact me via my wmich email (below) not this discussion space.  (I cannot keep up with email even!)

This is a document which will influence many of our colleagues and how their work is evaluated.

I have not met many of you, but I am calling out to tenured faculty who might have also served on tenure committees.  Ellen Wetmore…. you were recommended!.  Also calling out to Ted Hardin, Simon Tarr, Wenhua Shi, Stephane Tripp, Jeff Warmouth, and others who have good examples of language in your governance documents or tenure and review documents regarding new media.

Please be in contact soon, as I would like to complete the final draft by UFVA this summer to present it to the Board.

Best to you — Dr Jen Mac.


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