The University Film and Video Foundation (UFVF) is a not-for-profit corporation that engages in and promotes worldwide education, research, innovation, and charitable activities in the arts and sciences of moving images and aural communication.

Activities of the UFVF improves and advances media by supporting:

  • Best practices in education and pedagogical innovation
  • Conferences, lectures, exhibitions and festivals
  • The production, distribution and preservation of moving images and aural communication
  • International and Intercultural understanding and good will across the humanities


Simon Tarr
University of South Carolina

Academic Vice-President

Elizabeth Coffman
Loyola University Chicago

Industry Vice-President

Bruce Sheridan
Columbia College – Chicago


Jack Lucido
Western State Colorado University


Suzanne Regan
California State University, Los Angeles


Mitchell Block
Raw Science

Jay Gemski
George Washington University Hospital

Russell Harnden III
Vision Editorial

Norm Hollyn
University of Southern California

Robert Johnson
Framingham State University

Tania Khalaf
University of North Texas

Michael Kowalski
Chapman University

Melinda Levin
University of North Texas

Jennifer Machiorlatti
Western Michigan University

Francisco Menendez
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Bridget Murnane
Cal State LA

Tom Sanny
Colorado College (retired)

Mary Slaughter
California State University, Bakersfield

David O. Thomas
Ohio University

Wenhwa T’sao
Columbia College, Chicago

Bart Weiss
University of Texas at Arlington

Trustees Emeritus

Joseph C. Anderson
Annette L. Barbier
Robert Bassett
Chuck Berg
Karla Berry
Peter J. Bukalski
Diane Carson
Adrianne Caregeorge
Jean Desormeaux
Raymond E. Fielding
Stephen J. Hank
Tom Hope
John B. Kuiper
Ben Levin
Joan D. Lynch
James F. MacKay
John L. Mason
Oscar (Pat) Patterson
Peter W. Rea
Ernest D. Rose
H. Wayne Schuth
Robert T. Scott
Larry Silverman
Robert M. Smith
Donald E. Staples
Victor Valbuena
J. Sol Wrenn