The Journal of Film and Video, the official publication of the University of Film and Video Association, is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal published four times a year. It features scholarship on film, video, and media production, history, and aesthetics as well as research on education in these fields and the role of fiction and documentary work in society.

The journal is grounded in humanities research traditions that examine cultural, historical, material, and aesthetic dimensions in ways that differ from many journals in communication studies or specialty journals, such as those in cognitive studies. Yet it accepts articles that use a range of critical methods if they shed light on the production and study of film, video, and media.

The journal publishes research articles (25 to 30 pages) in history, theory, and criticism that contextualize individual productions and the work of creative laborers. It is committed to intersectional cultural studies and ideological analyses that examine representational politics, developments in taste formation, audience engagement, and so on. It values interdisciplinary industry studies and research that illuminates the conception, production, distribution, exhibition, and reception of film, video, and media. The journal also publishes (5 page) book reviews.

Editor: Cynthia Baron, Bowling Green State University, Ohio


Successful submissions demonstrate a mastery of critical and production terminology as well as the ability to create an argument that has a clear purpose, substantial evidence, and a conclusion that flows from the evidence. Work accepted for publication uses culturally sensitive language. The journal reserves the right to alter phrasing and reject submissions that do not follow the manuscript submission guidelines, which involve use of MLA style and citation conventions (9 th Edition, 2021). Articles and reviews represent the views of their authors and are not necessarily those of the Journal of Film and Video or the University Film and Video Association.

Submission guidelines can be found here, or visit the official website of the Journal of Film and Video

JFV editor, advisory board, reader list


Cynthia Baron, Bowling Green State University




Shane H. Weathers, Bowling Green State University




Thomas Brecheisen, Texas Tech University

Diane Carson, St. Louis Community College

Michael Clarke, California State University, Los Angeles

Michelle Glaros, Centenary College of Louisiana

Suzanne Regan, California State University, Los Angeles

Elaine Roth, Indiana University

Frank P. Tomasulo, Independent Scholar

Stephen Tropiano, Ithaca College, Los Angeles




Jonathan Cavallero, Bates College

Caty Boorum Chattoo, American University

Anne T. Cieko, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Emily Edwards, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Cynthia Felando, University of California, Santa Barbara

Karla Fuller, Columbia College Chicago

Mikal Gaines, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Arundhati Ghosh, Independent Scholar

Thomas Grochowski, St. Joseph’s College, New York

Rodney Hill, Hofstra University

Dale Hudson, New York University, Abu Dhabi

Victoria Johnson, University of California, Irvine

Robert Gordon Joseph, Dayton University

Amanda Konkle, Georgia Southern University

Kurt Lancaster, Northern Arizona University

Christina Lane, University of Miami

George S. Larke-Walsh, University of North Texas

Melinda Levin, University of North Texas

Stefania Marghitu, University of Alabama

Nina K. Martin, Connecticut College

Heather McIntosh, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Rosemary Nyole, Daystar University

Michael Ogden, Zayed University, Dubai

Claudia Pederson, Wichita State University

Christina Petersen, Eckerd College

Cortland Rankin, Bowling Green State University

Charlene Regester, University of North Carolina, Chappell Hill

Sudipto Sanyal, Independent Scholar

Mary C. Schmitt, Quinnipiac University

Samantha N. Sheppard, Cornell University

Sarah E. S. Sinwell, University of Utah

Nick Smith, SUNY Fredonia

Ingrid Stobbe, Lesley University

Andrew Utterson, Ithaca College

Lorene Wales, Liberty University

Rulon Wood, Boise State University

Rick Worland, Southern Methodist University