The UFVA Mentorship Program provides faculty with a network of experienced colleagues ready to assist and guide one another throughout their academic careers from first-hire to retirement and beyond.

You can join the UFVA Membership Program at any time; the process is fairly automated. You will need access to the program’s Dropbox folder (see contact info below). To join the program, download the appropriate application from the Resources folder. Then, deposit your application in the Mentor or Mentee folder (as appropriate) and browse through those of other members to identify and contact potential matches.

Matches are not made by UFVA; instead, mentors and mentees are expected to find a good match from among the dossiers in the folder and reach out on their own.

Participants must be UFVA members to join at this time.

Contact Michelle Glaros at for access to the Dropbox or for more information. Join the Mentorship Program’s Facebook group here.