Albuquerque Indie Film Festival is eagerly welcoming submissions for its 2nd edition in spring 2020!
In one of the coziest, most independent venues in the heart of New Mexico, ABQ Indie Fest is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and showcase cinematic talent and passion. This festival is all about capturing what motivates everyone to start working with film and storytelling – a drive to tell stories and to find a like-minded community. The state with 310 days of sunshine has served as the set for countless productions (such as Terminator, Avengers, No Country for Old Men, or Breaking Bad), but it has also nurtured a passionate cinephile community of film crews and extras. This community is what has made ABQ Indie Film Fest and international filmmaking so welcome at the Guild Cinema, and the experience of screening with us so rewarding.
So don?t hesitate and submit your work now for a chance to rediscover the heart of independent filmmaking!