Exclusively open to filmmakers from the Americas ( Canada, USA, Latin America ), we are looking for first and/or second short films from new talents of the continent. We are reaching out to you as we think this is a golden opportunity for your film students. As we are also organizing the Short Film Market within the Festival REGARD, Americana Competition is a great opportunity for emerging talents to be noticed by the shorts industry, from all around the world. 
if you don?t know that much our Festival, REGARD is the largest short film festival in North America. Planning its 24th edition from March 11-15 2020, REGARD is also organizing a Short Film Market for short films industry. Every year, hundreds of filmmakers and distributors from all around the globe come to Saguenay (Canada) to watch the best shorts of the year. REGARD is also an entryway for the OSCARS? and was recently dubbed “One of the coolest 25 festivals in the world” by the MovieMaker magazine.
So, if you accept to share with your film students all the information about REGARD and AMERICANA, we would be really enthusiast to receive their films in our database before December 1st.
Click here for our press release : https://festivalregard.com/en/americana-copie and you can also share the online submission form : https://bit.ly/2rHQ4mr
Thank you very much for sharing this across your platforms and we hope to see your students been selected and participae to the next edition of REGARD !