Thank you for your interest in reading for Austin Film Festival?s 2021 Script Competition!

As a reader, you?ll get the opportunity to review and analyze a diverse group of stories written by up– and-coming screenwriters from across the country and globe. In addition to this, your involvement will play a vital role in launching some of these writers? careers. Reading is a volunteer position that offers you the chance to earn a badge to attend the 2021 Festival, which is an incredible opportunity to learn and network with industry professionals. Also, as a reader, you?ll get the chance to earn coverage for a script you may be working on through our Coverage Program. These incentives are in place because we believe our readers deserve just as much opportunity to advance their craft and career as the writers who submit.

Thank you for considering and we hope you?ll join us in our pursuit to discover fresh, new voices. If you are interested in reading or have any questions, please email Karla Lugo, our Director of Script Competitions, at

We?d love to hear from you.