MidWest WeirdFest is a cinematic celebration of all things fantastic, frightening, underground, off-beat, alternative, and just plain weird! The fest often ranks among FilmFreeway’s “Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals.” And for good reason. Not only is it one of the filmmaker friendliest events on the planet, but over 80% of its content is chosen from FilmFreeway submissions. Indeed, MidWest WeirdFest’s festival director (a 15-year programming veteran) watches each and every submission in its entirety. So, it’s no wonder the festival has a perfect 5-star rating from every single FilmFreeway review.

Here’s a sample of feedback from filmmakers who have submitted their work to MidWest WeirdFest’s previous editions:

Ted Michaels (TANGOBORN MENCLENTY): “It’s a truly independent film festival for truly independent filmmakers. Your submission fee will not be wasted here. I’ll always be thankful that MidWest WeirdFest exists!”

Paul von Stoetzel (IN THE KITCHEN WITH): “I have been screening at film festivals for over a decade and I’ve never had such an incredible experience at a fest… I cannot recommend MidWest WeirdFest enough.”

Peter Marcy (ATTACK OF THE TATTIE-BOGLE): “The festival worked tirelessly to promote the fest and its movies, getting exposure on the radio, social media, and in podcasts and newspaper articles.”

Jacob Gillman (THE INVISIBLE MOTHER): “MidWest WeirdFest was such an amazing experience? We couldn’t have asked for a better premiere for our film.”

Jeremiah Melamine (DITCH PEOPLE): “The festival was a joy to contribute to and attend.”

Steve Chappel (HOW TO TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT ED GEIN): “MidWest WeirdFest really delivers!”

Inappropriate Films (THE MOOSEHEAD OVER THE MANTEL): “Many thanks to MidWest WeirdFest for being a champion of our film.”

Dan Schneidkraut (VORE KING): “Outstanding festival. Great venue. Very well programmed. I really hope to have the opportunity to attend again.”

Danny Villanueva Jr. (DON?T CRY, PAPA): “MidWest WeirdFest was an absolute blast!”

Having a program packed with incredible indie films, side events, and parties, MidWest WeirdFest is fast becoming the region’s premier launching pad for independent horror, sci-fi, underground, and alternative cinema (including documentaries and screenplays).

Come get weird with us!

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