There are still 2 more opportunities to have films scored by our class of Masters.  We would need picture locked films by May 16th to be included in our next round of recordings.

Yes, even amid the pandemic we are still in need of student films for our Masters students to score.
We are looking for student made films of any genre or length to provide original music to through the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program.  This service is offered for free to student filmmakers.  It is an opportunity for our Masters students to use the skills learned during our program and collaborate with directors to produce custom music for any style of film.  The music is licensed to the filmmakers free of charge for use within their films in any and all media and for any promotional use (trailers, etc.) in connection to those films.
The submitted films must have been made as part of an educational program.  We know that COVID-19 has halted numerous productions but we can accept older films as long as they were made while the director was a student.  And sometimes challenging times are when people are at their most creative so send us those weird COVID lockdown films too!
For additional details about the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program please visit our website at:
To fill out a film submission form, please go here:

For any other questions feel free to contact me directly.
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Sammy Applegate
Film Composer/PNWFS Program Assistant Director
Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program
Seattle Film Institute
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