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Here we go again: registrations are open!

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  Isla Sirena by Leonel Gonzales – ESCINETV, Escuela de Cine y Television – Venezuela

The Poitiers Film Festival is a place to discover young filmmakers and their work. Thanks to its specificity, films by cinema students, it reveals young talents to the general public and industry professionals alike. Its workshops also serve as springboards for authors following their film studies.

In November 2020, due to the lockdown in France, the festival welcomed its spectators online. Its streaming platform made it possible to discover the 56 films selected and recorded more than 17,000 views.12 young filmmakers from film schools were awarded prizes by the juries.

Although the future is uncertain, the Poitiers Film Festival is already thrilled at the prospect of resuming the path of discovery and returning to theaters. Despite the difficulties that schools and students have faced over the last year, we are sure that many beautiful films have been created and the festival is impatient to showcase them!

All short films created since January 1, 2020 by film students, regardless of genre, may compete for the International Selection.

French films under 20 minutes compete both for the International Selection and the competitive So French! program.

Submissions deadline: 1st of July 2021

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