16th Edition ? Call for entries Submission of films for the 2021 Official Selection is open from February 15th– May 31st ,2021.

SHORTS MEXICO – Mexico International Short Film Festival CALL FOR ENTRIES ? SUBMIT YOUR FILM


SHORTS MEXICO – Mexico International Short Film Festival call for entries begins February 16th through May 31st ,2021 at 23:59 (CST) Mexico City. We are open to receive Short Films from all over the world inviting all production genres.


SHORTS MEXICO is an exhibition platform specializing in short films. It promotes cinema creative expressions, diverse voices, distinctive and innovative visions, bold quality films from filmmakers from all over the world. SHORTS MEXICO has become the biggest International short film festival in Latin America. In the last edition of SHORTS MEXICO , we presented more than a thousand short films helding two modalities: Theatrical and online streaming transmission, exceeding one million viewers. At SHORTS MEXICO we encourage the growth and development of short films as well as the filmmakers?. The 16th Edition of SHORTS MEXICO will be held from September 1st through the 8th 2021 in Mexico City. The cycle “Noche de Shorts Me?xico” takes place throughout the year and features previews, exhibitions, retrospectives and master classes. The Shorts Mexico Tour includes the towns and villages of the Mexico, as well as several countries. The Shorts Mexico Academy conference cycle includes an academic offer aimed at developing professionalization in various specialized areas of filmmaking. The festival will present the short film pitching contest ?Competencia de Pitching de Cortometraje Shorts Me?xico 2021? with the goal of encouraging and promoting the creation and production of quality films.

SHORTS MEXICO ?S main venues are: The National Cinematheque of Mexico, Cinemex (The world’s sixth largest cinema company) venue Reforma 222, Vasconcelos Library, Centro Cultural Bella E?poca – Cine Lido, Mexico City ?s Cultural Centers, among others.



  • INTERNATIONAL Competition (Live Action, Animation and Documentary)

  • IBEROAMERICAN Competition (Live Action, Animation and Documentary)

  • MEXICAN Competition (Live Action, Animation, Documentary and NeoMex)



  • World Cinema

  • Indigenous Peoples

  • Queer Shorts (LGBTTTQ+)

  • Experimental

  • Fantascorto (Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror)

  • Kids

  • Ecoshorts (Environmental Conservation)

  • International (Live Action, Documentary)


  • Pueblos Indi?genas y Originarios

  • Mujeres Mexicanas en el Cine

  • Mexican (Live Action, Documentary)

  • Experimental

  • Queer Shorts (LGBTTTQ+)

  • Fantascorto (Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror)

  • Infantil ? Kids

  • Ecoshorts (conservacio?n ambiental)

  • Funshorts (Cine de Comedia)


? Entries are open from February 5th to May 20th ,2021 at 23:59 (CST) Mexico City. Registrations to SHORTS MEXICO 2021 will be held through the following online platforms:






[http://festival.movibeta.com/web/controllers/siteController.php?action=11&festival=909] ? Registration is free for mexican short films from February 5th to February 21st.

? All registered short films have the exact same process, regardless of the stage of registration that is chosen, late registrations are processed and watched exactly the same way as the early and intermediate ones, the only difference is the fee.

We suggest you register your short film as soon as possible to take advantage of the most affordable fees.

Early registration:

Mexican short films February 15th to February 21st, ?0 (euros). Foreign short films February 15th to February 21st, ?15 (euros).

Intermediate Registration:

Mexican short films Foreign short films

Late Registration:

Mexican short films Foreign short films


February 22st to April 10 th, ?15 (euros). February 22st to April 10 th, ?22 (euros).

April 11th to May 31st, ?22 (euros). April 11th to May 31st, ?29 (euros).

? Short films produced between 2019 and 2021 may participate. The programming committee may make exceptions in the year of production.
? For all sections, short films digitally recorded or filmed in 35mm, 16mm, 8mm will be accepted, the exhibition format is DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, Video File .mov H.264 AAC 1920 X 1980 with on-screen spanish subtitles embedded.

? Eligible short films must have a maximum duration of 30 minutes (The selection committee may make exceptions).
? It is not required for shorts films that are not mexican to have been premiere in Mexico. Short films that have been screened at any other international festival can participate.

? The publication of SHORTS MEXICO 2021 ?S official selection will be held on July 22nd 2021, through social networks, fan pages of SHORTS MEXICO and the official website of the festival www.shortsmexico.com
? All information required for catalog, press kits, and promotional material of the selected short films, must be sent to programacionshortsmexico@gmail.com

? Participants can register an unlimited number of works. Short films may not be withdrawn from competition under any circumstances, once their participation is accepted.
? It is mandatory to sign the authorization letter and approval of the festival?s rules, by the legal representative of the audiovisual production, the failure to do so implies immediate disqualification.

  • ?  The festival does not return any copies of the films submitted, except for the DCP.

  • ?  The selection committee’s decision is final.

    International Competition

? Short films made in any video format are accepted. Short films must have spanish subtitled and can be produced anywhere in the world.

Iberoamerican Competition

  • ?  Short films made in any video format are accepted. The production must be Iberoamerican, regardless of the nationality of the director and the place or country of filming.

  • ?  Short films must have english subtitles, at the exception of the films coming from Portugal and Brasil, that must have spanish subtitles. Short film productions from Spain, Portugal and any Latin American country are part of the Iberoamerican category.

    Mexican competition

? Short films made in any video format are accepted. The production must be mexican, regardless of the nationality of the director and the place or country of filming. Short films must be subtitled in English, at the exception of the productions whose original language is not Spanish, they must be subtitled in Spanish.


  • ?  Selected works should be sent in a USB 3.0 with the short film and trailer in a digital file: .mov H.264 AAC 1920 X 1980 with on-screen english subtitles embedded, a .srt file and the list of dialogues of the production in spanish and english.

  • ?  If your short film is selected you have to submit two Blu-rays, with on-screen spanish subtitles embedded, if the original language is other than spanish or subtitled in english if the original language is spanish.

  • ?  By submitting a short film to the festival, the people owning the rights of the film accept the rules and regulations thoroughly expressed in this document, consequently,

authorize to exhibit the film during the dates and venues determined by SHORTS


  • ?  The DCP format is accepted by the festival.

  • ?  People owning the rights of the film, must assure having the rights to exhibit the film.

  • ?  People owning the rights of the film, release SHORTS MEXICO, and any of their representatives, affiliates, coordinators, operators, programmers, directors, clerks, from any claim or legal issue, that arise from the exhibition of the film at SHORTS MEXICO film festival ?s venues and Tour.

  • ?  If the owner of the short film does not deliver the material required by the SHORTS MEXICO ?S committee, in the dates and deadlines provided, they will be disqualified.


  • ?  Competitive sections of the festival will be awarded by a jury chosen by the festival ?s committee that will be composed of renowned personalities and professionals of the film industry and juries from different artistic disciplines.

  • ?  Jury’s decisions are final. AWARDS

    World Award – Shorts Mexico

    Best short film in all the competing categories regarding the International and Ibero-American sections.

o Cash Prize 300.00 ? Taxes included o Statuette and Diploma.

Best International Live Action Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma.
Best International Animation Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma.
Best International Documentary Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma.

Best Ibero American Live Action Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma.

Best Ibero American Animation Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma.
Best Ibero American Documentary Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma. MEXICAN COMPETITIONS

Best Live Action Mexican Short Film.

o The prize includes the Production of the best pitching winning project ?s short film, with an approximate value of $ 500,000.00 MXN. The award includes: 4 days of filming, mini-mobile, Red One camera and Master Prime optics by the company CTT Exp & Rentals, direct sound by Televix; color correction, conforming and DCP by Cinecolor Me?xico, Two days of catering for 20 people by Diablo Panzo?n Food Company, Poster and Trailer of the short film by Art Kingdom and 100% discount on the acquisition cost of the insurance of filming by LCI Seguros. Also, winners will receive a statuette and a diploma.

o The produced short film must be showcased in the next edition of SHORTS MEXICO. SHORTS MEXICO awards the following ten categories in the Live Action Mexican Competition:

o Best Director – Best Actress – Best Actor – Best Cinematography – Best Screenplay – Best Editing – Best Art Direction – Best Sound Design – Best Original Music – Best Costume Design

Best Animated Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma.

Best NeoMex Short Film

  • ?  Trophy and Diploma.

  • ?  Sononauta Award: Musicalization and Musical Production for short film (10-15 minutes

    duration of the short film)

    Best Documentary Short Film

? Trophy and Diploma.

Jury Mentions

? The jury will be free to grant mentions deemed appropriate.

All the selected films will be given a certificate of participation in Shorts Mexico-Me?xico International Short Film Festival.
The Mexican short films selected in any competition of the festival will be able to submit their short film to the Ariel prize of the
AMACC (Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences).

The festival carries out the Shorts Mexico Tour throughout the year, which takes place in Mexico City, in cities and towns of Mexico, as well as in various countries. Through the authorization letter, the legal representative accepts their short film to be shown in the different venues of the tour. The festival will notify the producer of the participation of the work in the various exhibitions.

About the regulation
All participants in SHORTS MEXICO fully accept the aforementioned regulations that apply to all sections. Any situation not foreseen regarding the present regulations, will be resolved by the festival committee. Issues not covered in these regulations, will be solved and decided by the SHORTS MEXICO Committee.

Questions, concerns and comments, please contact:


General Director and Founder Jorge Magan?a

Director of Programming:
Isaac Basulto



Headquarters Shorts Me?xico:
Calle Mati?as Romero 315 Colonia del Valle, Delegacio?n Benito Jua?rez, C.P. 03100, Ciudad de Me?xico.