We are committed to supporting emerging and established female filmmakers. We strive to recognize new and original voices within the Saint Francis College community and neighboring New York City college campuses, as well as create a bridge between female student filmmakers and professional female filmmakers.

The festival’s primary goals are to:

1)To create a social and artistic discourse among women regarding women?s self-image, intellect, spirituality, socio-economic concerns and sexuality.

2) Examine emerging digital film storytelling trends, artistic viewpoints of female student and professional filmmakers. This year we will be accepting Virtual Reality submissions.

We have screened over 90 films made by women in 27 countries and held panels and workshops on crowdfunding and the entrepreneurial aspects of filmmaking as well as the Past, Present and future of women’s filmmaking with panelists Ally Acker, Isabel Sandoval, Debra Zimmerman of Women Make Movies, & Christina Raia of Seed & Spark.

ENTRY IS FREE for the entire call for ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE STUDENTS, FACULTY & ALUMNAE!! CONTACT apalmer@sfc.edu using your sfc.edu email or giving your date of graduation!


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