Hello, Dorm Dwellers!
Here are some things you need to know about your upcoming life in the dorms at Augsburg University.
1. Linens are included in the dorm fees.  From the Augsburg site:  “Each person is supplied with one full set of linens including two sheets, a pillowcase, one blanket, a pillow, a mattress pad, two towels and a washcloth. If you have personal bedding items you would prefer to use, please be sure to bring those with you.?  Please remember that these are dormitory linens, if you want Egyptian cotton, you?ll need to bring your own.  If you want an ultra-plush towel, you?ll need to bring your own.  

2. Breakfast is included in the price of the dorm room.  Breakfast is in the Christensen Center Dining Hall on the second floor.  I will know the hours when you check in, I promise.

3. If you are coming in on Monday, July 29, registration and dorm check-in will be in Anderson Residence Hall.  If you are coming on Tuesday, registration and dorm check-in will be in Hagfors Center. (I?m including a campus map as an attachment to this email.) 
4. If you reserved a dorm room before June 10, you will be staying in Anderson Residence Hall. I tried very hard to give you your first preference in dorm space (townhouse, floor house, etc) but there is only so many rooms of a particular kind.  Just keep thinking:  at least it?s air-conditioned.  
5. Speaking of AC . . . If you registered after June 10, you are staying in Urness Tower.  We were very clear  what Urness is all about on the registration page, but I will reiterate here.  Urness Tower does not have air-conditioning but there are fans in each of the rooms.  There is one large bathroom per floor, and it is communal.  I hate to bring it up again, but it?s reality, right?  It?ll be great.  You?ll be with so many cool people in Urness!
6. If you are arriving on campus late?after 5P, say?you can call or text me (dear goddess, am I really going to give you my number?) and if I don?t have your keys, I will know who does.  My mobile number is 773 383 5080.  Please please please don?t call for something silly.  And do your best to check in during the regular conference hours:  830A to 5P.  
7. If you are driving, we are going to send out parking passes this week.  We will also have parking passes at check-in.  More info to come when the passes come out.
8. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Check out from the dorms is 8A to 10A on Saturday Aug 3.  There is another conference coming in and the rooms need to be cleaned.  10AM is the latest you can stay in your room.  You will be reminded of this.  Trust me.

9. If you are arriving on Sunday, I will have the registration and dorm key.  I will be on campus from 10AM on, working with our Augsburg host on final touches.  Please text or call me when you are on campus.  Don?t forget my number, the campus map, and your sense of adventure!

If you are arriving at any time, and coming from the airport, there is a train that lets you off minutes from campus.  I?ve attached the directions below, but you could easily re-produce them in a map app.

10. Please let me know if I?ve forgotten something here that you, Dear Dorm Dweller, absolutely need to know.

Thank you.  Can?t wait to see you in Minneapolis!

Your Conference VP