Tuesday, 2 July

Version 3.1 of the conference schedule is now available!
There have been some time shifts and some respondent changes for the screenings.
Please check the schedule again, even if you think nothing has changed.
Instructions for filmmakers and respondents are in the opening pages of the schedule.
Be aware that if you signed up for a respondent then you, too, must respond to a film.
Respondent information is after the description of your work.

Also remember that if you are not registered by July 10, your event and name will be eliminated from the schedule.
So, if you haven?t registered yet, do so ASAP…we?re now in the late registration at $400.

Any questions, issues, corrections, send them to me soon, and definitely before July 10th.
I can?t guarantee that changes can be made after the 10th.

Your Conference VP