UFVA Conference President’s Update


Dear UFVA members,


Like all of you, the UFVA board members and our conference host at FSU are concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are carefully observing its spread in the US and working closely with our conference host Florida State University in Tallahassee to insure a safe event. We are drafting plans to best serve the members who wish to attend the 2020 UFVA conference.

To allow time to better monitor the effect of the COVID-19, we have decided to delay opening the conference registration until April 20th.We are hoping that by then that there will be no more related risk in the US.

For the most up to date and accurate information regarding COVID-19, here is a link to the World Health Organization’s most recent recommendations.

Our conference host, Dean Reb Braddock, recommended checking the FSU alert site for any warning prior to making travel plans to Tallahassee. Here is a link to the FSU alert site https://alerts.fsu.edu/This is the same link FSU uses to post school closure in the case of a hurricane.

The conference host and the board members have made many preparations to ensure a successful conference.While we are optimistic, we also want our members to stay safe and healthy. All submissions will continue until the 3/15 deadline. Our New Media, Film, Script, Paper & Panel, and Workshop volunteer chairs/co-chairs will complete the selection and judging processes for the conference.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to conference VP Wenhwa Tsao at wtsao@colum.edu


Laura Vazquez

UFVA President

e-mail: home@ufva.org

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