Monday, 26 August


UFVA Name Ballot

Happy Fall to You All!

If you have been following the discussion that begun at the 73rd UFVA Conference then you should know that UFVA is considering a new name.

Thank you to all who have participated in the forum regarding the name change. The Board has carefully reviewed all of your comments and has decided to put forward a ballot with three possible names:

UCMA: University Cinematic and Media Arts

UFMA: University Film and Media Association

UFVA: University Film and Video Association

As this change affects the Constitution & ByLaws, there will be a 60-day voting period for the new name. Voting begins today and will end on 10/24/19. According to our ByLaws, we will need a vote by 2/3 majority of the voting members for this to take place. Follow this link to the ballot:


Please vote now and be part of the decision regarding the name that best represents the organization as we move into a new decade!



Laura Vazquez

UFVA President

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