The University Film and Video Association reaffirms our 2021 “Response to Recent Legislation Limiting AcademicFreedom” statement, as more states pass legislation that explicitly limits and infringes upon our member’s academic freedom to provide media education as they, and the field, see fit.  For example, see summary in Tennessee’s SB2290/HB2870.

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) provides valuable information about reporting academicfreedom violations for investigation on your campus. Members can directly contact the AAUP’s Academic Freedom department with violations here

Additionally, the AAUP’s Professional Liability Insurance Program might be worth investigating if you feel you are at risk.  This is especially important if your institution has made no commitment to support and defend rights that could be threatened with lawsuits. We encourage department heads and deans to investigate purchasing and paying for professional liability insurance for all faculty, including adjuncts.


AAUP Academic Freedom Website:


Statement drafted by Committee of Academic Freedom/Expression 

Approved by the UFVA Board Members