This is NOT a message about this year?sconference!
It’s aboutnext year?s conference.
And it?s about you and yourinstitution hosting thatconference!


Because of reasons within their university,SUNY Fredonia had to withdraw from hosting our 2020 conference.And now, we need someone like you, at an institution like yours, to consider taking on the very fulfilling, only-slightly-taxing role ofconference host.It?s great for your institution, your city, your students, and you.Yes, you.

Five days on your campus.Four days ofconference screenings, papers, scripts, workshops and New Media.Parties and a picnic and a red carpet event!

Please ask us questions about hosting.We can chat with you about it, we can forward information about it.Or simplyfill out this formto ask for a host application today.

See your school name in the graphic above!

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Your Conference VP
Yourconference VP-elect