UFVA welcomes, with open arms, more friendly faces to join the fun! 
We are an exciting group but we need your ideas and some of your time.


UFVA seeks nominations for the following board positions:

  • President Elect

  • Executive VP

  • 3 Members-at-Large

Open to old and new participants. UFVA encourages members with a particular interest in the areas of diversity and inclusion; fundraising and development; graduate student support and resources; and future conference sites to consider.

For more information regarding the duties of officers please refer to Article IV of the UFVA Bylaws.

Officer Duties – 2 year term:  Sept 1 2021-August 31 2023 

  • Expected to attend all board meetings held during their term.
  • Required to undertake a substantial role in an ad hoc or standing committee as directed by the President.

Executive VP Duties – 2 year term:  Sept 1 2021 – August 31 2023

  • During any period of absence/incapacity of the President, the Executive VP will perform and have the duties and powers of the President.
  • Be an ex officio member of all committees and caucuses and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.

President Elect Duties:  1 year term: Sept 1 2021 – August 31 2022,

  • Function as an ex officio member of all  committees
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the  President.
  • Will assume the office of President on September 1 2023

Nominees need to submit a 100-word statement, a 100-word bio and recent professional photograph using link below:


The deadline for nominations is  April 20, 2021

Board elections will open on June 7, 2021


Contact the Nominating Committee:

Chair: Roslin Smith

Members:  Heather AddisonChrissy GuestAbby HoekzemaBen LevinBetsy McLane


Thank you for your nominations!