Celebrating our 7th Season – Shorts of all genres – Also Sub-categories
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Welcome to “WRPN.TV Short, Tight and Loose Film Festival Competition” (WSTL), an on-line and live screening festival in association with WRPN.tv Network

  • Distribution: We guarantee top winners will be reviewed by our distribution associates Adler & Associates and our new distribution associate – Cardinal XD Distribution for our selected “Best of Festival” and “Best of Show”
  • Screenings: Best of Festival and a few Best of Show award winners will have the OPTIONAL opportunity to be invited to screen their films at the WRPN.TV NETWORK Sponsored Multi-Festival event 2020 at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Berkeley Springs, WV. These invitations are at our discretion based on local demographics.
  • On-Line Exposure: The WRPN.tv Entertainment Network, offers a unique OPTIONAL opportunity to publicize your film to a world-wide community of WRPN.TV viewers. This OPTIONAL opportunity is available this year for “Best of Festival” “Best of Show,” “Outstanding Excellence,” “Excellence,” and even some “Exceptional Merit” winners.
  • Important: Your submitted film is never shown anywhere without your written consent. Choosing not to show your film does not preclude you from winning an award or keeping it.
  • Sub-Category Awards: Cinematography, editing, original score, and many more.
  • Feedback: The one element that most film festivals ignore. Instead of paying submission fees and getting nothing in return, everyone who submits to WSTL will receive one of these two benefits:

– Your film is already competition calibre, and becomes an Official Selection, OR
– You will receive a letter outlining exactly what it is about your film that is keeping it from being accepted, with Free resubmission after making suggested corrections!

Best of Festival winners are selected by ONE Domestic and ONE Foreign (If qualified). Best of Show winners are selected by Domestic and Foreign category

FINALLY, our founders are proud Committee Member for the Universal Film & Festival Organization, a non-profit operating out of the U.K., which exists for promoting best business practices for film festivals.

Enter category Tight shorts and/or Loose Shorts and get a FREE submission code for a Sub-Category by contacting us directly with the name of your submitted film.

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