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UFVA Membership Benefits

  • The Journal of Film and Video, an internationally respected forum for articles on history, theory, aesthetics, criticism, production, pedagogy and review of films, videos and books in the field.
  • The Annual Conference, featuring peer review of videos and films, media writing, presentations of papers, special screenings, production workshops and technical exhibits. Reviews and papers presented at the Conference are considered for publication in the Journal.

  • Access to the UFVA listserv for discussions and inquiries.

  • UFVA Monographs, such as the comprehensive Guide to Faculty Advancement, as well as other publications.
  • Links to the International community of film and video educators through the UFVA’s membership in the International Center for Schools of Cinema and Television (CILECT).

Individual Memberships

ACTIVE ($95) – An Active member is classified as any individual actively employed or with a strong interest in at least one of the following:

  • The production of films, videos, or related instructional materials
  • Research or instruction in production, history, criticism, distribution, theory of film/video or related subjects
  • Direct supervision of the above listed activities

Active members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees. Individual membership is required to attend and present at UFVA conferences.

STUDENT ($30) – A Student member is classified as any individual registered for at least a half-time program as a student, graduate or undergraduate, in a college, university or other recognized educational institution, who evidences interest in the production, distribution, utilization or history of motion pictures and television or is engaged in academic research in a related field. Individual membership is required to attend and present at UFVA conferences and to participate in UFVA scholarship and grant programs. Student members may not vote or hold office.

Organizational Memberships

INSTITUTIONAL ($175) – An Institutional membership is provided for any college, university, or recognized institution of higher learning, which offers courses in film/video history, criticism, or production, or which is actively engaged in the production of film or video. A copy of each publication and other relevant mailings such as the CILECT Newsletter will be sent to the individual designated in the institutional mailing address. In addition, Institutional members may:

  • Submit announcements for inclusion in the UFVA Digest or on the UFVA website
  • Establish a link from the UFVA website to the institutional or programmatic website
  • Send email announcements to the UFVA membership twice each year via the home office

SUSTAINING ($325) – A Sustaining member is classified as any individual, firm, corporation, or foundation contributing expertise and supporting the goals of the UFVA. Sustaining members:

  • Receive all UFVA publications
  • Have the right to apply for exhibit space at the annual conference (subject to a separate charge by the conference host)
  • May submit announcements for the UFVA website and the UFVA Digest
  • May establish a link from the member’s website to the UFVA website
  • May send email announcements to the UFVA membership four times each year via the home office

Dues Calendar

MEMBERSHIPS ARE FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR (January 1 to December 31). Dues paid between January 1 and July 31 apply to the current year. Starting August 1, dues paid apply to the following calendar year and will expire on December 31 of that year.

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