As a means to recognize and reward excellence in instruction, teaching, and learning within the organization, the University Film & Video Association has instituted three annual awards to acknowledge members whose achievements in pedagogy merit recognition.

The honoree/s will be announced at the annual UFVA conference and awarded with a certificate of recognition.

The award categories are designed as follows:

  • Lecturer/Non-tenure track (includes adjuncts)
  • Junior faculty (pre-tenure, on the tenure track)
  • Senior faculty (tenured)


Past Winners

Procedures for Nominations

UFVA members from the same or other institutions may nominate candidates for the UFVA Teaching Award or candidates may nominate themselves. The candidate will be responsible for gathering and organizing their application materials.

If the candidate chooses to have a colleague nominate him/her, the candidates for the Teaching Awards can be nominated only by a member or members (in good standing) of the UFVA.

Note – UFVA Teaching Award honorees are ineligible to apply the following year. For example, a 2021 winner is required to wait until 2023 to be eligible again for the award.

The following materials must be submitted:

    1. Nominator’s Statement (prepared by a colleague or by the candidates themselves in the case of self-nomination) NO MORE THAN THREE pages in length. May include commentary or accomplishments in instruction related to any of the following:
      • courses taught or developed
      • descriptions of particularly successful assignments
      • inclusive teaching strategies and commitment to inclusive classrooms
      • peer evaluations, specifying the particular institution and courses
      • advising and mentoring of student theses, dissertations, internships, screenplays, productions and/or career development
      • publication and/or development of educational materials



    The dossier should be prepared by the candidate especially for the UFVA Teaching Award.

    Please combine and submit all materials in a single PDF document by July 1st, 2023.

    1. Nominee’s curriculum vitae, with teaching and pedagogical activities highlighted.
    2. One-page teaching philosophy.
    3. Two sample syllabi AND two sample assignments.
    4. The nominee may also include letters of supportfrom colleagues or students or other supporting documents in their dossier, to total not more than THREE

    Other considerations for the dossier:
    The nominee should demonstrate evidence of achievement in some (but not necessarily all) of the following areas which should be included in the candidate’s Personal Statement and/or teaching philosophy.

    • engaging student interest within the day-to-day format of the lecture or small group undergraduate or graduate classroom
    • designing imaginative and/or innovative assignments, lessons, lectures
    • encouraging and nurturing student scholarship and/or production
    • commitment to and demonstration of inclusive teaching
    • mentoring students through thesis, dissertation, internship, production, or career supervision
    • instructing and mentoring teaching assistants in classroom methodology and practice
    • providing educational outreach to the local community or general public
    • developing programs (courses, workshops, seminars, tutorials) to improve teaching in the field at any or all levels
    • providing support and advice to graduates and junior faculty as they become professionalized in the classroom and the field
    • providing opportunities beyond the classroom for students to engage with film, television, and new media (field trips, media clubs, film and media series, etc.) and/or with scholarship in those areas (planning conferences, speakers series, etc.)
    • extending film and media education to the larger university and the community beyond

    Publication and Development of Educational Materials

    The nominee might also demonstrate evidence of achievement in some (but not necessarily all) of the following areas:

    • authoring or co-authoring influential textbook(s) for use in the graduate, undergraduate, or secondary film and/or media studies classroom
    • authoring or co-authoring influential essays on pedagogy, teaching methodology, and/or practice in the field
    • creating useful websites, media, or other technological aids in film/media pedagogy
    • consulting with other universities, publishers, media companies, government bodies, or other organizations to enhance film/media education
    • producing quality educational films or videos for use in the film/media classroom
    • designing influential Web-based instructional resources and/or research instruments for use in film and/or media studies

Procedure for SUBMISSION

Honorees will be selected by the 2023 Teaching Awards Committee, Chrissy Guest, Christina Lane, and Allie Sultan

Please submit all materials to UFVA Teaching Awards Committee Chair, Chrissy Guest at

For more information, please contact UFVA Teaching Awards Committee Chair, Chrissy Guest at