In the Spotlight is the 14th Annual European Independent Film Festival(ÉCU), a filmmaker’s festival, run by filmmakers. The Festival takes place in picturesque Paris – a city that serves as a muse for many artists, rich with breathtaking details and history. After three days screening in Paris, many of the festival’s Official Selection films are invited to participate in ÉCU-On-The-Road, which takes the films on an exhilarating tour through about 15 countries per year, such as Spain, Brazil, Greece, Egypt, Russia, and Australia.

For more than a decade, ÉCU has forged a path for independent film and the scope of its presence has grown to a global scale, with the Festival often being referenced as the European equivalent of Sundance – an honor that ÉCU does not take lightly. Every year, the Festival receives feedback from alumni, many saying that earning award laurels at ÉCU has helped them immensely in furthering their filmmaking careers. Notable alumni include Jim Cummings with the filmThunder Road, Ben Mallaby forIsland Queen, Una Gunjak forThe Chicken, Iris Zaki forWomen in Sink, Stephen David Brooks forFlytrap, and Mélanie Delloyé forThe Man of My Life.

Martijn Winkler, director of #tagged, winner of Best Director award at ÉCU 2018 shares, “I had such a great time at the festivals. Really, amazing films, interesting filmmakers. It was an inspirational visit for me. Thanks to you all for your enthusiastic and truly supportive organization! You’re awesome!” Iris Zaki, director of Women In Sink, winner of ÉCU’s Best European Independent Documentary 2016 also expresses gratitude to the Fest, “I’m so grateful and honored… [ÉCU] is an amazing opportunity to celebrate independent films and filmmakers.”

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ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is dedicated to the discovery, projection and promotion of the very best independent films from around the world.

ÉCU gives out 25 awards in 14 categories, for both European and Non-European filmmakers. Prizes are aimed at directly helping filmmakers and scriptwriters continue on their creative endeavors and are donated by partners like Syrp, Adaptive Sound, Les Machineurs, Zacuto,, Film Inquiry, Kingston, IED, InkTip, Parrot, Syrp, Red Giant, Write Brothers, Beachtek, and others.

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