In the Spotlight today is the Script Pipeline Great Movie & TV Show Idea Contests, connecting writers with top studio and production executives to pitch bold ideas for “the next big thing.” Every great script begins with a great idea, and the Idea Contests are designed to uncover it. Following success at the Idea Contests, participants benefit from development with Script Pipeline execs and industry exposure in an effort to get the pitch or completed script picked up.

The Idea Contests don’t require completed screenplays – or any scripts at all, for that matter. They’re built entirely around the refinement of a great pitch, regardless of its genre, subject matter, or intended audience. Submissions should be groundbreaking film and television concepts that are both marketable and can stand out on concept alone. Accepted entries include loglines, synopses, video pitches, or full treatments and outlines. Participants will get the chance to connect with industry executives, the opportunity to take home a $2,500 USD cash award, and additional opportunities to pitch more projects and to receive in-depth guidance.

Script Pipeline winners have sold more than $6 million in spec scripts since the organization’s inception 20 years ago – includingSnow White & The Huntsman(Evan Daugherty) – to studios throughout Hollywood, and more than one hundred writers have seen their scripts optioned by, or have secured representation from, Script Pipeline industry partners. In short, Script Pipeline and its Idea Contests are powerful funnels right into the heart of the filmmaking capital of the world.

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The Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea and Great TV Idea Contests are looking for the most original and marketable ideas for film and TV. No need to be a writer, professional or otherwise–just think big.

Recent Script Pipeline writer success stories include contest-winning screenplayThe Incident at Sparrow Creek Lumber(formerlyMilitia) by Henry Dunham getting produced in 2018, and numerous writers finding rep through Script Pipeline industry partners over the past several months.

If you think you’ve got a great idea for film or television, submit your logline or treatment to the Great Idea Contests today!