Workshops are interactive sessions during which presenters provide audience members with practical knowledge and hands-on experiences in software, production practices, pedagogy, and/or related areas. They are 1 hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes) in length. Workshops on all subjects related to film and media are welcome.


  • Only active UFVA members can submit. To renew your membership or join visit: UFVA membership

  • UFVA members are limited to two (2) submissions total in all conference categories (Films, Scripts, Papers & Panels, New Media, and Workshops), not including responses.

  • Members submitting workshops MUST attend the conference for their workshop to be scheduled.

Submission Requirements

  • Title, brief (400 characters max) and full description (2500 characters max) of the workshop.

  • Workshop space, equipment and software needs. Please note: Conference hosts will provide space, equipment, and software at their discretion, depending on availability.

Submission Deadline

Final submission deadline is March 20, 2020.


Workshops Chair: Ruth Goldman, Conference VP: Wenhwa Ts’ao.