Screening, Script, Multi-Camera/Live Stream Submission deadline: May 15, 2021

UFVA has revised last year’s policy to allow members to submit to an additional category. This year members may submit to more than one event or content area. This change is based on member requests and our desire to expand submissions in an unusual year.

All films (completed or works in progress) will be submitted via FilmFreeway with a password-protected submission code that is available to members only. The code can be found on the conference submission site.

For membership please click on this link – UFVA membership

What kinds of work may be submitted?

The filmmaker/director/producer or other co-creator must designate one of the following categories for their submission. The categories are used for organizational purposes.

  1. Narrative (live-action or animated)
  2. Documentary (live-action or animated)
  3. Experimental (live-action or animated)
  4. Multi-Camera/Live stream: Faculty-guided projects; theatrical, scripted and special events. Please select 20 min for consideration.

Who can submit?

Members may submit completed projects for competition ($25 fee) or non-competition (no fee). Projects for competition must be submitted by the director or producer of the film who must be a current UFVA member.

Student members can submit for non-competitive entry for no additional fee to be selected and screened at the conference.

How do I enter?

All projects must be submitted via FilmFreeway by the conference submission deadline.

Conference Details:

  • Film screenings will be organized in a 90-minute session.
  • Each filmmaker will have up to 20 minutes to screen their film, leaving at least 10 minutes for discussion. (For films longer than 20 minutes, we recommend screening a scene or trailer during the panel to allow for 10 minutes of discussion.)
  • Everyone screening a film must agree to be a respondent for another film in their session.
  • All filmmakers are responsible for viewing the film to which they are responding prior to the conference itself.
  • All respondents are expected to submit a written response for the film they are reviewing on their institutional letterhead.
  • In the spirit of collegiality, filmmakers who do not provide written responses will be prohibited from submitting to the UFVA conference the following year.
  • The only films that will be adjudicated for conference awards are those entered in the competition category.
  • All creators seeking a respondent (feature or short) must be made available in its entirety via a secure, non-downloadable link no later than 2 weeks before the conference on the website.

ALL submissions for Screenings/Scripts must go through FilmFreeway.

Submission Waiver Code: ufvasubmit

UFVA encourages diversity and the submission of multicultural and interdisciplinary work.

Diversity dimensions include (but are not limited to) gender, career stage, ethnicity, race, education, sexual orientation, region/geographic location, physical disability, and religion. Additional information can be found in the UFVA Statement of Inclusivity.


Films (Screenings) Co-chairs: Alex Willemin  & Laura Vazquez

Scripts Chair: John Goshorn