UFVA Policy Statement

Evaluation of Creative Activities for Tenure and/or Promotion July 2018

This document is intended to assist chairs, deans and program/division heads who oversee creative media production areas and may be unfamiliar with such work or are otherwise seeking guidance in evaluating such work as part of tenure and/or promotion packages. It attempts to provide a framework for appraising a broad range of creative activities in areas such as film/cinema, audio/ sound design, digital video, screenwriting, multimedia and interactive media, as well as new and emerging technologies including (but not limited to) virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), video games, and creative coding.

Guide to Faculty Advancement: Annual Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure (Early 2000s)

This archival monograph has proven invaluable in helping faculty achieve promotion and tenure in their institutions. Some colleges and universities distributed it to all new faculty. Originally published in 2000, it was reprinted in a convenient spiral-bound format in 2003.