Welcome to UFVA’s newly revised website!

The board believes that this new website is a better reflection of who we are as an organization and what we do, teach and support in our work.  We hope you find it to be continually enjoyable to use.  It is our intention to add new programs and features that will keep you coming back to the site regularly throughout the year.

The board has spent the last year revising our By Laws and Constitution.  We are also proposing a new name as a way of looking forward to the next decade of the organization.  Certainly, we are still producers of film and video, but we are also so much more.  We are proposing a name that will encompass all of the richness and talent of our members, but we need to leave room for the growth and development in storytelling technology that we are sure will happen.  We hope you will agree with and support these changes.

I value your input at every step of the way and encourage you to contact me at Lvazquez@niu.edu with comments, concerns or questions.

Lastly, I would like to thank our Editorial VP and her colleagues at the University of Miami for our newly designed outward face.

Kind regards,

Laura Vazquez, President