I am looking forward to our membership meeting this year at 6 PM CDT on July 29th.  In preparation, I am sharing two major agenda items that we will be discussing.

Because the UFVA Constitution addresses the name of the organization, the first item is the only change proposed for the Constitution.

As many of you will recall, the board proposed a name change last year.  There were three choices proposed and while a majority of votes indicated a desire for a name change, the two proposed name changes split the vote.  Rather than declare a winner, we decided to put only two possible changes forward this year:  1)UFMA (University Film and Media Association) ​or 2)​ no name change, UFVA (University Film and Video Association).

The proposed new name ​UFMA gained traction among members who consider the term “video” limiting and even outdated.  The last name change for the association occurred in the early 1980s and production has changed significantly since then though our mission has remained ​fundamentally the same.  This will ​be discussed at our membership meeting in July.

The second item will include proposed bylaw changes which were drafted to update the language and practices of the organization. These items are ​encapsulated in the Executive Summary ​(see link to Files​ on Constitution and ByLaws below).  As you can imagine, a periodic update for an organization’s bylaws and operation​al procedures is not unusual.  Here are the topics addressed in those changes:

●  Termination and/or suspension of membership;

●  Rights of members at all membership levels including recognition of the limited resources of underemployed faculty;

●  Duties of all officers;

●  Roles of board members as well as the processes for both standing and ad-hoc committees.

●  Nominating Process

Please take the time to review all of the files in the link below or email me questions you may have.

Files on Constitution and ByLaws 6_2020

I look forward to a robust virtual conversation on these and other issues we currently face.


Dr. Laura Vazquez

UFVA President