New Media

New media projects vary widely and may be interactive physical installations or presentations involving more traditional audiovisual means, but all employ imaginative methods to push the boundaries of what is possible in the media arts. New media submissions of VR/AR/Interactive/Generative and all categories, styles, and subjects are welcome.


  • Only active UFVA members can submit. To renew your membership or join visit: UFVA membership

  • UFVA members are limited to two (2) submissions total in all conference categories (Films, Scripts, Papers & Panels, New Media, and Workshops), not including responses.

  • Members submitting their work MUST attend the conference for their project(s) to be presented.

  • Those requesting a formal response in the submission form will also be assigned as a respondent.

  • Members whose new media work is accepted are responsible for providing the equipment they need to successfully exhibit their work. The host institution will not be providing computer, drives, projectors, etc.

Submission Requirements

  • Title, brief (400 characters max)  and full description (2500 characters max) of the project.

  • Online preview link of the project (can be password protected.)

  • Presentation space requirements.

  • Presentation equipment requirements (submitter is responsible for supplying own equipment.)

  • Formal response request.

Submission Deadline

Final submission deadline is March 20, 2020.


New Media Chair: Jennifer Zaylea, Conference VP: Wenhwa Ts’ao