For documentarians and teachers:

“According to the Narrator, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” maps out how a narrator’s approach—as Journalist-turned-Advocate, Open Advocate, or Hidden Advocate—influences audience impressions.


Valuable supplement to EDIT Media material:

“‘White Girls, They Get You Every Time’: Get Out’s Horror of Miscegenation and Its Conception of the Black Bro’mance” is both accessible and thoughtful; it is excellent for class use because it offers new insights into the film and prompts a range of discussions.


Useful supplement to EDIT Media material:

“‘Why Don’t You Go Down to Wall Street and Get Some Real Crooks?’: Capitalism and Masculinity in GoodFellasCasino, and The Wolf of Wall Street” is also accessible and useful for classes; it will stimulate new conversations about the American Dream and the lives of working-class men.


For fiction filmmakers and teachers:

“The Paradox of Steve Coogan: Performing Class in British Film Acting” can heighten readers’ understanding of screen acting because it illustrates the craftmanship behind the physical, gestural, and vocal signs that are the basis for viewers’ interpretations.


Cynthia Baron
JFV editor